The Dark Side of Slavery

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As you may have heard, Dr. Henry Louis “Yo Momma” Gates recently wrote an op-ed reminding people of the role Africans played in the slave trade.  Remember, very few Africans were enslaved by Europeans or Americans.  They were enslaved by Africans, and then sold and kept in slavery.  Dr. Gates wasn’t arguing that this reduces culpability of slave owners.  His only point was that it’s important to remember the actual facts of history and how the slave trade operated in reality.

Professor Lolita Inniss of Cleveland Marshall College of Law was having none of that:

To the Editor:

As Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. points out, the role of Africans themselves in slave trading is one that is sometimes ignored by advocates of reparations. I fear, however, that in looking at the role of Africans in creating or sustaining the slave trade, we will make the same mistake that we make in trying to assess blame for international drug trafficking — focusing too much on the supply side of trafficking.

While it is true that without slaves having been provided to Europeans there probably would have been no large-scale trans-Atlantic slave trade, it is equally true that without the demand for African slaves in the West there could have been no large-scale slave trade.

To use the metaphor of a modern-day kidnapping, the question becomes, Who is more culpable: the abductor who initially takes the victim, or the captor who obtains the victim and keeps him (and often his offspring) captive for generations?

Lolita Buckner Inniss
Cleveland, April 23, 2010

She is worried that reminding people of the role Africans played in slave trade will result in focusing too much on the supply side.  The story of slavery in the US is white people enslaved black people.  That’s it, and that’s how pretty much everyone thinks about it.  But, to Professor Inniss, the mere mention of African involvement is TOO MUCH focus on supply side.  Basically, anything other than pure focus on the guilt of white slave owners is unacceptable.

Here are the facts: virtually every race has enslaved people.  Romans enslaved Greeks.  North African Muslims enslaved Europeans.  Native American nations enslaved their neighbors.  The British enslaved Americans.  In the United States there were some white slaves and some black slave owners.  Acknowledging any one of these things does not make any of the others less bad.

It is possible for more than one person or group of people to be guilty of a crime, and finding one person guilty does not mean finding someone else innocent, or even less guilty.  Just look at how crowded our prisons are.

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Reason Not to Go to Law School #16

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Whiny minority kids.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Race to Be Offended is a pretty popular sport among ultra left-wing politically correct types, and law school is a breeding ground for them. Normally people say dumb things when they’re in too much of a hurry to consider facts, such as a President calling a police officer stupid for investigating what appeared to be an obvious break in.

Now, imagine combining that level of stupidity with the drunken revelry that takes place on the last day of a semester’s exams in law school.

After the last exams of my 3L Fall semester, I was on the balcony of one of our dorms for the traditional drink-till-your-face-falls-off. Towards the end, a black student and Jewish student got into a rather bizarre argument: who was treated worse, blacks or Jews.

Aside from the fact that it’s strange for anyone to even bother arguing over who’s discriminated against more (they couldn’t just agree that discrimination is bad; everyone wants to be special), what made this particularly bizarre was that they were arguing over which group was most discriminated against in universities.

They went to different schools, but no surprise, black student reported his school treated black students worse and Jewish student reported his school treated Jewish students worse. Both of these students went to mother-freaking Ivy League schools for undergrad.

I knew both students, and neither one was a rags-to-riches story. Both came from wealthy, influential families. They were seriously arguing over who suffered the most from the discriminatory effects of education opportunities afforded to less than .01% of population.

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