Blind Drunk Attention Crash, Episode 1

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on October 18th, 2010 by bl1y

Check it out children, in an effort to further secure my domination of the podosphere, this weekend I teamed up with Ben Corman of, and famed host of Attention Crash Radio, to bring you our first crossover show, Blind Drunk Attention Crash for the Team BL1Y folks, or AC/BD for Team Corman.

In our first episode we discuss History Channel hiring practices, Bill O’Reilly v. The View, Brooklyn Space Program v. The View From 100,000 Feet, private space flight, the fact that I can get by just fine sitting in silence, and also that I’m likely to have a drink anyways to cope with it.

Blind Drunk Attention Crash, Episode 1

Here’s a video of ol’ Fuckface:

And a more inspiring video from the point of view of an amateur space probe:

And, in case you forget the recipe for the official show drink, the Perfect Nothing, here you go:

1.5 oz sweet vermouth
1.5 oz dry vermouth
Serve over ice

Also, you can serve it in our distinct Team BL1Y or Team Corman styles:

Team BL1Y: Add a generous dash of bitters.

Team Corman: Add a Dorito garnish.

Finally, I’m sure this drink has some more well established name, if you know it, feel free to hit up the comments and let me know.

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Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 8

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on October 15th, 2010 by bl1y

Well children, it’s time once again for another episode of Blind Drunk Justice.

Blinder, Drunker, Episoder Eightier

There’s a couple of groundskeeping matters on the new puzzler, so I’ll clear those things up.  Steely McShitlaw’s cell phone apparently can only tell time if it’s getting a signal from a cell phone tower, it doesn’t have an internal clock.  And, he’s doing paper doc review, not electronic doc review, and as such he doesn’t have a computer down there in Subbasement C.

And of course, some links to the shit we try to have an intelligent conversation about:

We said we’d talk about the attorney billing $3,500 an hour, but I spared you listening to the horror than ensued.

Are we drowning in a sea of legislation?

And of course, the History Channel is no place for a woman, unless you really believe women are from Venus and were brought to Peru on spaceships thousands of years ago.  Sorry, Discover Channel is better, Boomdeeyada mother fuckers!

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