Blind Drunk Justish, Episode 7

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on October 8th, 2010 by bl1y

Uh…yeah, so first an apology.  This week’s episode is a bit on the short side.  We talked about the Yale anti-zombie policy, but the content was pretty unusable, even by our low standards, and we were going to talk about the guy who claimed the cocaine police found shoved up his ass wasn’t his, but the pot was, but instead just discussed whether we had talked about that already.

But, we do have a fun new segment to keep you entertained/annoyed until our next episode, a legal puzzler, because regular brain teasers just aren’t uninteresting enough!

So…what can I say?  At least this shit is free.

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 7

Here’s the Florida jump pass in all it’s fail:

Can anyone seriously argue that intellectually property law should not be rewritten to allow someone, anyone, to get a trademark or a patent and then file an injunction to stop Trey Burton from doing that ever again?

Also, for the men of average sexual taste perverts out there, here’s a map of worldwide ages of consent:

And of course, if you like our show, you’ll probably hate this other one, but either way, check out the NKOTBs, Down By Lawcast.

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Bless the Maker, Bless His Coming and His Going

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6th, 2010 by bl1y

Last Saturday, regular readers of my blog will know, tragedy struck.  I woke up to discover that my parents had opened a rare bottle of Maker’s Mark.  For those of you unfamiliar with the stuff, get the hell off of my blog.  (Just kidding, you can stay, I really need the traffic.)  Maker’s dips the top of the bottle in red wax, and occasionally creates special bottles.  While opening any rare bottle of booze would naturally decrease the value, opening a bottle of Maker’s basically destroys the value completely, since the wax becomes so damaged.

This particular bottle was released earlier in the year to commemorate the University of Alabama winning the BCS championship.  It was dipped in white and crimson (not the regular Maker’s red), and had a white label (instead of yellow).  I was pretty pissed off to see it ruined, and immediately set out to find another.

Many of you contacted me offering to scour your local ABC stores to search for the rare bottle, and a few of you actually did.  Thank you.  Short of having hot, slutty groupies I can call up and bang at a moment’s notice, y’all are pretty much the greatest fans on the internet.

Well folks, last night the journey came to an end.  Not to leave things up to fate, I had taken matters into my own hands and bid on a bottle I found on e-bay.  At 9:00 pm last night, I become $69.99 (shipping included) poorer, and one bottle of Maker’s Mark more complete.

I think at this moment we should take some time to reflect on a couple things.

First, if a raging alcoholic living on unemployment buys a bottle of whisky and then doesn’t drink it for several months, don’t fucking open that bottle of whisky!

Also, yes, that is the correct spelling of whisky in this context. As an American I would normally spell it whiskey, as you should when referring to bourbons, but Maker’s Mark is spelled whisky.  Remember, nothing is worse than an uninformed drunk.

And finally, while the awesomeness of my readers is second only to hot girls throwing themselves at me, it’s a really fucking distant second place.