Well Whololly Shite

Posted in Uncategorized on May 7th, 2010 by bl1y

So, like every good internet personality, I Google myself every once in a while.  The software this blog runs on will show me some incoming links, but I know it’s an incomplete list.  So, I turned to Google to see where else I might be mentioned.

Looks like I was published on CollegeHumor.com and didn’t even know it.

This was the second article I’d sent in to CH.  The first, 13 Sex Tips to Drive Him Away, didn’t make the cut as a featured article.  But, my breakdown of college math by department fared a bit better and made it as a “national article.”  Not quite a featured article, but it still got some good exposure.  [Correction: I've now scanned through the profiles of people who have written featured articles, and it turns out that's what a "national article" is.  Sweet.]  The article had taken a while to get published I guess, (CH reads everything before publishing them) and I stopped checking in to see when it would go up (if it’s not featured in any way, it still goes on a page somewhere in the bottom of CollegeHumor.com, where you can send it your friends to it).

But then, today I got bored and did some Googling, and there it was.

Neat.  Go check it out, and please feel free to click the like button, or digg it, or you know, whatever gets more people to read it, show it to your friends, or your enemies if you thought it sucked.

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