Food Fight: Arby’s Southwest Mini Egg Rolls

Posted in Food Fight on January 11th, 2010 by bl1y

It’s only the first day of the new week, and I’m already subjecting myself to disgusting food products out of my sense of duty to provide you with desperately needed information. Today won’t be a competition, but just an exhibition of the new limited time item on Arby’s menu: Southwest Mini Egg Roll. They have a typical egg roll wrapping and are filled with a mix of chicken, corn, black beans, (I think) a little green chili, and some sort of liquid cheese sauce (I think a blend of the cheddar ooze they put on the melts and some other cheese).

Let’s start with a run down on the nutritional information for a small order (of four): 250 calories, 10g fat, 450mg sodium, 31g of carbs, 11g protein, 8% iron and 10% calcium. You can find the nutrition information for the chili-lime ranch dipping sauce online, but since you’ll consume only a small amount of it, I’ve left it off.

I was surprised by how much protein they managed to get in, given the small amount of chicken. But, I was more surprised by how much sodium and carbs they packed in there.

Nutrition wasn’t the worst thing going for these little guys though. What makes the Arby’s mini egg roles a real loser is the value. Each mini egg roll is truly mini, only maybe a little over an inch long, about the size of a large tatertot. A small order of four weighs in at only 91 grams, but it’ll set you back $2.89. With tax, you’re paying about 75 cents for each miniature ripoff. My medium roast beef sandwich weighed in at 210g and only cost $3.99. And now with Arby’s value menu, a small order of curly fries is a measly $1. The mini egg rolls are definitely topping the list of worst values, not just at Arby’s, but at any fast food chain.

The only really redeeming there about them is they weren’t as gross as I expected. The cheese sauce was a bit unappetizing, especially when you don’t expect a quasi-molten liquid inside an egg role. But, after accepting what they were trying to create, I found myself not particularly inclined to vomit. If I was to grade all fastfood flavors on a curve, this would probably get a B-.

The verdict on this can only go one way though: unless you have three friends who are curious and want to split an order with you, skip this one.

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