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If a Gauntlet is Thrown in the Middle of a Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

[Law School Transparency Blog]

Law School Transparency, a non-profit created by two attorneys in Tennessee, has issued a demand to every ABA accredited and provisionally accredited school:

Starting with the Class of 2010, we request that your school report to LST two lists with data about every graduate as of February 15, 2011.

[...] If you decide not to commit to disclosing according to the LST Standard, we respectfully request that you provide your reasons for declining to disclose. We recognize that not all schools will share our view that there is a need for greater transparency. If your school disagrees with our position, we would like to have an open, on-the-record dialogue to debate the merits of our respective positions.

Nice to see people taking real efforts to get better information out to law school hopefuls, rather than the endless committees and water cooler talk that seems to be all the ABA or law professors can muster.  But, it’s doubtful many law schools will respond at all, and I’m guessing most of the responses will be in the form of “We are not participating.”

Free For All in Oakland

[NBC Bay Area]

Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that barring a last minute deal, he will have to lay off 80 police officers and the reduction in force will require police to stop responding to certain types of calls.  Among the crimes the police will no longer be responding to are Grand Theft: Dog, Embezzlement, Unauthorized Cable Television Connection, Burglary, and Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.

Most of these make sense for what to cut.  They’re crimes that can be dealt with after the police force is restored and don’t need immediate attention.  (If you’re reporting a burglary in progress, police could still respond to the crime the burglar intends to commit inside.)  What’s most surprising is that police will not be responding to vehicle collisions.

I assume emergency medical responders would still show up if there was an injury reported.  But, you still need police reports for insurance purposes, and police to direct traffic around the accident.  Hopefully Oakland will get its shit together, but in the meantime, use this opportunity to commit crimes and hope that enough evidence will be lost before police get around to investigating.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow


If you filmed a porno where at any point you lip-synced along with a song, expect the record labels to crack down on you for copyright infringement.  Warner Bros., Eleketra, Atlantic, Bad Boy and others have filed a lawsuit against RK Netmedia and for unlicensed use of their songs, with Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack at the forefront of the legal challenges.

I’ll be sure to warn the cam whores I watch on a daily basis.

Wilmer Fail

[Above the Law]

Wilmer Hale has announced a new compensation scheme that puts more of an associate’s potential earnings into bonuses rather than base salary.  This effectively accomplishes three things.  First, it makes attorney income less secure, which sucks when you have loans to pay.  Second, it delays payment, meaning you accrue more interest on your loans before getting to pay them down, and can’t accumulate interest if you would have banked the money.  And third, it allows Wilmer Hale to disguise an overall drop in compensation.

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