Here’s More To Think

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Jog on over to Blog Talk Radio and listen to the new episode Here’s What to Think with the Philadelphia Lawyer, Dr. Rob and Some Crazy Cat Lady.

No idea how good this episode will be, I’m listening to it right now.  But, they found a guest other than me, so the odds on it sucking are pretty low.

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Here’s What to Listen To

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The new episode of Here’s What to Think is up.  I’m pretty sure I’m in this one, but I’m not going to listen to it because I hate listening to myself talk, and really don’t want to hear the retarded shit I say when I’m drunk.

But, the rest of you should give it a listen.

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Congrats, Dr. Rob

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Congratulations to Dr. Rob for landing a book deal with Lyons Press.

Rob, be sure to drink lots of this:

And bang some of these:

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Here’s What to Anticipate

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Tomorrow at 8:00pm (eastern) I will be appearing on Here’s What to Think, hosted by PJ (, Dr. Rob ( and Some Crazy Cat Lady.  The show will be broadcast live through BlogTalkRadio, and you can listen to a recording later if you’re not able to catch it.

I’ll be talking about the legal industry and PickUp/Seduction culture.

Yeah…That’s right.

Anyways, please listen if you can.  There will be a live chat feature if you want to submit questions, make smarmy comments, or show your support.  And just so none of you are too confused, I’ll be called “Billy” because BL1Y is a bit cumbersome to say.

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Here’s What to Think

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In case you bozos were not already aware, The Philadelphia Lawyer, Dr. Rob Dobrenski, and Some Crazy Cat Lady are teaming up to launch a new online radio show called Here’s What to Think.

Red Wine Reviews, Baby Hating, Music Snobs, Psychological Indulgence, Film Critiques, Best Bourbon Brands, Cultural Elitism, Lawyers Drugs and Money, Reverse Discrimination, Fancy Book Club, MSM Sucks, New Media Is Irresponsible, Navel Gazing, Jesus Loves You. Just kidding. It’s all of that and none; we just needed terms to help our search results. Listen and make of this what you will.

The pilot episode will air tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern) tonight, so be sure to log on and listen.

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