Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 8

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on October 15th, 2010 by bl1y

Well children, it’s time once again for another episode of Blind Drunk Justice.

Blinder, Drunker, Episoder Eightier

There’s a couple of groundskeeping matters on the new puzzler, so I’ll clear those things up.  Steely McShitlaw’s cell phone apparently can only tell time if it’s getting a signal from a cell phone tower, it doesn’t have an internal clock.  And, he’s doing paper doc review, not electronic doc review, and as such he doesn’t have a computer down there in Subbasement C.

And of course, some links to the shit we try to have an intelligent conversation about:

We said we’d talk about the attorney billing $3,500 an hour, but I spared you listening to the horror than ensued.

Are we drowning in a sea of legislation?

And of course, the History Channel is no place for a woman, unless you really believe women are from Venus and were brought to Peru on spaceships thousands of years ago.  Sorry, Discover Channel is better, Boomdeeyada mother fuckers!

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