How to Spot a Player

Posted in Dumb Ideas Girls Have on January 13th, 2010 by bl1y

It’s no wonder so many silly girls have dumb ideas when it comes to dating when they get advice during their formative years from craptacular resources such as 17 Magazine. They have a page on their website where “cute guys” (aka: guidos with braces) will answer your questions so you can learn all about boys.

The current question is “How can girls spot a player?” Here’s a list of the answers the guys gave:

“By the way he dresses and talks to girls around him.” – Cameron, 15

“When he always tells you what you want to hear.” – Joey, 15

“They just know.” – Dillon, 16

“If a guy talks about himself a lot rather than the girl’s interests.” – John, 17

“When he looks at other girls, but say’s [sic] he’s looking at you.” – Chris, 17

“If they talk to every girl in school.” – JP, 15

“By how many girls he’s dated.” – Andrew, 16

Every guy talks about their interests, everyone is their own favorite subject. If a guy notices other girls, it means he just has a functioning penis. If he lies about it, that means he has a functioning brain. Talking to every girl might just be a sign that he’s friendly. And of course, telling girls that they just know is terrible advice to give to someone who is obviously asking because they don’t know.

There is only really one way to spot a player: you want to jump his bones before you’ve been on a date.

Assume that every guy who can get you aroused very quickly before any sort of real relationship exists is a player and you’ll be right 95% of the time. It’s not that being a player makes you able to quickly attract girls, but rather the reverse. Having a natural talent for turning girls on will turn almost any guy into a player.

That’s the Catch 22, ladies. The more attractive a guy is, the more options he has and the less likely he’ll be willing to settle with you.

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