Mark Ingram Isn’t Pro-Life, Babies Are Pro-Ingram

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I don’t really care too much about the Super Bowl.  For me football season ends with the BCS Championship (RMFT!), but the Tim Tebow ad looks like it’ll be interesting to watch.  And, it’ll provide lots of feminists getting their panties in bundles and saying lots of stupid things.  Most excellent blog fodder.

The popular women-first blog Feministe is claiming that Pam Tebo(Tim’s mom) , wants to take the right to choose away from women, and that the ad is anti-choice.

Well, the ad hasn’t been released and not a lot is known about the specifics of what it will say.  However, all reports so far have pointed that it will simply be Pam Tebow discussing how when she was pregnant with Tim she had complications and was urged to get an abortion, but she decided to have the child anyways, and the ad will urge women to choose to carry their children to term.

Urging someone to make a specific choice is very far from trying to take away their choice.  Otherwise, a campaign urging people to use condoms would also be anti-choice, but of course that’s absurd.

Since the rhetoric surrounding abortion has become so completely retarded, let me explain a few things:

No one (except a few whackoes) is anti-choice.  Pretty much everyone supports certain choices, like contraception or waiting to have sex.  It’s a question of which choices you want.

No one (except a few whackoes) is completely pro-choice.  Infanticide has been a means of getting rid of unwanted infants in several societies, but even super extreme feminists are likely to be against infanticide.  Most moderates are against certain forms of late term or partial-birth abortions.

PS: On a personal note, Tuck Febow, you big crybaby.

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