Let’s Go Chargers!

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UAH: 1 – 0 :Robert Morris



End of the second period:

UAH: 1 – 0 :Robert Morris

And the live stats are down…  Hopefully they’ll be up by the start of the third period.



UAH: 1 – 0 :Robert Morris

UAH power play goal by Neil Ruffini.  Time of the goal 11:57 in the 2nd period.


End of the first period:

UAH: 0 – 0 :Robert Morris, with 11 shots on goal from UAH and 9 from RM.


As I’m sure very few of you know, today is the start of the tournament for College Hockey America, the four team league the UAH Chargers play in.  The league is dissolving this year, and UAH has yet to be picked up by another league, and so their performance in the final games can make a big difference in what teams they’re able to schedule next year.  The winner of the tournament will automatically get a slot in the NCAA playoffs.

Bemidji, is ranked #8 in the country, and is the all around favorite in the league, but a lot of hockey fans will be looking out for the soon-to-be-ophaned UAH Chargers.  In 2007 UAH went to the playoffs as the 16th seed team, and faced #1 Notre Dame in the first round, only to lose 3-2 in double overtime.  With UAH as the only Division 1 team below the Mason Dixon line, they’re an underdog that’s hard not to root for.

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Crazy Professor, Once Offended by Being Called Crazy, Now Claims She Really is Crazy.

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Turns out there’s another legal angle to the Amy Bishop UAH shooting.  Some time last year a male colleague of Bishop’s called her “crazy” to another colleague. When Bishop found out, she responded by filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging gender discrimination.

That case is still pending, but given that she ended up shooting six other faculty members, killing three, and is now pursuing an insanity defense, I have the feeling the comment about her being crazy has little to do with her gender and a whole lot to do with her being crazy.

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3 Dead in UAH Shooting

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Three people have been reported dead in a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  This is the second shooting in the city within weeks, following the murder of a student at Discovery Middle School.

Not really much else to say about that.  The story is still developing and I hope everyone else is okay.

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