Blind Drunk Attention Crash, Episode 2

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on November 5th, 2010 by bl1y

This week Namby Pamby is sick so there won’t be a new Blind Drunk Justice, but we are comin’atcha with another episode of Blind Drunk Attention Crash, or AC/BD if you’re in the camp of Ben Corman OF  This show was actually recorded back before Halloween, but of course with being out of town, and then drunk, and then recovering from being drunk, and then recording the last BDJ, I’m only just now finishing this one.

Check it out, should be moderately enjoyable. In this episode, Ben and I discuss tornadoes, whether we’d rather be House or Wilson, who we’d go gay for, and why people can’t get fired for just plain sucking at their job.

AC/BD Episode 2

And as a special treat, he’s Ben’s comedy routine:

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