Law Firm Edit War: Strategic Informational Defense Command

Law Firm Edit War: Strategic Informational Defense Command
Law Firm Edit War
Strategic Informational Defense Command

Raid: Edit made, uncontested.
Minor Engagement: Negative information temporarily removed, then restored.
Major Engagement: All out edit warring.

Engagements are shown at the headquarters of the firm.
New York and Boston have multiple firms engaged; click on the city to go to a more detailed map.

Boston, Massachusettes

New York City, New York

Bingham McCutchen

Location: Boston, MA
02/05/10: Added information: Bingham lays off associates while posting both increased profits per partner, and increased total revenue. Describes situation as "best year ever."


Location: New York City, NY
01/21/10: Added information: Cadwalader lays off 131 attorneys, including first year associates. Posts 28% increase in profits per partner.
04/19/10: "Disney44" removes information about layoffs.
05/17/10: Layoff information restored.

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost

Location: New York City, NY
01/20/10: Added information: Curtis announces record profits, lays off attorneys (including first years) months later. Assigns new work to laid off associates.

Fish & Richardson

Location: Boston, MA
02/05/10: Added information: Fish & Richardson closes corporate practice and lays off associates, describes events as "painful year for everyone," but posts an increase in revenue and 20% increased profits per partner.
02/14/10: "Lneal" removes information about closing corporate practice and layoffs. "Lneal" is suspected to be Fish & Richardson Director of Events and Communications Elisabeth Neal.
03/30/10 Layoff and corporate practice closing information restored.


Location: Los Angeles, CA
01/20/10: Added information: Latham conducts layoffs of unprecedented size, resulting in the coining of the term "Lathamed" to describe mass layoffs, especially when involving first year associates.
04/06/10-05/16/10: Edit war breaks out among "Lawgazer," "reconsider the static," "EdelJamie," and others. Latham's IP ( tied to removal of negative information.
05/16/10: Latham page put under protection for 2 days.
05/18/10: Information about layoffs, drop in Vault rankings, and term "Lathamed" restored.
05/18/10: Layoff information removed. Site put under 3 day protection.
05/19/10: Debate over updates continues, but the tide is waxing towards adding layoff data. User LedRush has added information about new Vault rankings and drop from #7 to #17.

Morgan Lewis

Location: Philadelphia, PA
01/20/10: Added information: Morgan Lewis sends laid off attorneys news letter boasting the success of the firm, including success in hiring, and invites former attorneys to firm Christmas party.

Nixon Peabody

Location: New York City, NY
01/29/10: Added information: Nixon Peabody defers associates 20 days before projected start date.

Paul Weiss

Location: New York City, NY
02/02/10: Added information: Paul Weiss cuts at least 45 associates, reports record busiest quarter and record profits, but decreases associate bonuses. reports no layoffs occurred.


Location: New York City, NY
01/20/10: Added information: Partner leaks information about layoffs while having a loud cell phone conversation on a train. ATL editor David Lat confirms using fake identity.

Willkie Farr

Location: New York City, NY
04/09/20: Added information: Willkie Farr defers incoming associates just months after giving associates assurances that they would be starting on time.

Wilmer Hale

Location: Washington, DC
02/05/10: Added information: ATL reports stealth layoffs at Wilmer Hale. Wilmer Hale denies that any layoffs have occurred and claims none are planned or expected, but announces layoffs have occurred one month later, and again after another three months.


Location: Dallas, TX
01/29/10: Added information: Winstead revokes offers of incoming associates two days before start date.